Add Products or Services to your Invoices

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Add Products or Services to your Invoices 

  1. Select the “Payments” icon
  2. Select “Services”
  3. Select “Add a Service”
  4. Add Service Name and Description.
  5. Click Save

Note: Descriptions will not be seen by customers.

Tip: Adding a “Cost” to your product or service will automatically default the amount when selected. Amount can always be edited before sending.


Step-by-Step Guide

Start by clicking on 'Services' from the 'Payments' drop-down menu.

Here you can access all the services, goods, and products your company will want to charge for.

To add a new service click on the 'Add Service' button.

  1. Give the Service (or Product) a name in the Service Name field. The name of the service will appear on the customer's invoice next to "Item: ______". 
  2. Give it a short description in the Description field. This is for your use only. The description will not appear to the customer on any invoices or receipts. 
  3. Select the Tax Type for the services: NonTaxable, Goods, Service, or Other. If you select Goods, Services, or Other the item will be considered Taxable and the tax rate set for your company's site in the Settings-Miscellaneous page will apply when the customer is billed for the item. If you choose NonTaxable, no tax will appear or be calculated when the customer is billed for the item. 
  4. Select a Duration if you want the item to appear on your site's Appointment calendar for a certain amount of time.  Disregard this if your site is not using the Appointments features of Everyware. 
  5. Select a Category for your Service/Product. This will not appear anywhere else in Everyware. Categories exist only in the Services page to help keep your company organized. For example, you could group all Services in one Category called "Services" and all Goods/Products in a category called "Goods." 
  6. Add the price in the Cost field for this product/service. This amount will auto-populate on the invoice you send the customer. It is the amount the customer will be charged for the item. The amount cannot be overridden by your cashier. A product or service must always exist for any amount you want to charge your customers. 
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