How do I refund a payment?

1 min. readlast update: 05.14.2024

How do I refund a payment?

Video Walkthrough: How do I refund a payment? 


You can easily issue a refund, or partial refund in Everyware when necessary. Here's how.

1. Payments > View Payments 

2. Find the transaction for which you to issue a refund in the able and click on the Refund link.

3. In the Refund Payment pop up window, click on either the Full Refund or Partial Refund radio button to verify the amount you wish to refund, then click the blue Refund button. 

Ex: Full Refund 


Ex: Partial Refund


4. Once refunded, you'll see a Success! message. Click OK and you're all done. 


The refund will then display with a red REFUND Status tag in the data table where there used to be a green CHARGE Status tag and the refund column will no longer show a Refund link. You'll see the refunded amount in the Refunded Amount column. 



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