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How to Import your Contacts

It's easy to quick add one contact at a time, but you want to add more than one contact at once to Everyware. Add a new set of contacts quickly to a new or existing Contact List, you can import a contact list into Everyware. 

Go to Contacts > Import Contacts   

  1. Click 'Import Contacts' at the top of this page.
    • If you have not already - click on "You can download a template here" to download a clean and properly formatted Excel template for your contact list. Using this template is the best way to make sure to upload a file without a lot of hidden data that may clog your upload.

Once your contact file is ready, Browse for the file or drag/drop it the Import Contacts Everyware window and click the Next Step button 

  1. Now you'll have the chance to check all your contact fields and validate mobile numbers before moving on.

Make sure all of the Everyware field names match up with your imported file's column header names. Choose the best match from the dropdown menu above each column. Tell Everyware to ignore the columns you don't want to include. 

      • ☝🏼 Don't forget to scroll to the right to see all of the columns. 
    • If you want to have Everyware check the validity of the mobile numbers you are uploading, you can toggle on the "Verify mobile numbers..." option.
      • If you don't toggle this on that's okay. You can still upload the contact, but you might be slowed down later if you try to text a contact using the uploaded number that is not valid and it won't work.
      • If you do toggle this on and there are bad numbers they'll appear in a report you can download and use to reach out to those contacts for updated mobile numbers. 
  1. Click Next Step 
  2. If you're going to organize contacts around products and services, select the product/services that apply in the next window. If you're not, pick anything from those menus and move on. It won't impact your campaign at all. 

In the next screen, tell Everyware which contact list you want to add these new contacts to by selecting an existing list name from the drop down OR Create and name an entirely new Contact List. 

  1. Click Next Step
  2. You'll get a success message telling you if there were any duplicate contacts thrown out with the upload. 
    • Click on Import.
  3. You'll be directed to the main View Contacts page and will see your success report once more at the top.
  4. You'll find your new contacts in list you chose under Contacts > Manage Lists 
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