Instant Payouts Guide

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Instant Payouts 

To begin, select the instant payouts icon and select "View Instant Payouts". 

To create a new payout, select "Create Instant Payout"

Begin by filling out the Customers information. You can search for an existing customer if they have an existing record. 

Note: Make sure to Include the customers Date of Birth for Authorization purposes 

Enter the Instant Payout Amount shown below. 

You can include a description, set up payout dates, include transaction ID's and Link expiration dates.

Once you have filled in all of the required fields select "Create". 

The SMS Text Body field is the SMS message that will be sent out including the link to claim funds. 

You can edit this message by select your "Messaging" Icon and select "Auto Messages" 

Select the Auto Message "Instant Payout Notification" Edit and Save. 

Payout Status

To view past and current Instant Payouts select the "Instant Payout" Icon and select "View Instant Payouts" 

Review the status of your payout by reviewing the "Status" column.  

See All Payout Statuses below: 

Need to cancel or place your Payout on hold? Select from the following options in the "Action" column 

Transfer Methods 

Payees will be presented with the option to have funds transferred to their debit card or bank account. Everyware will move funds according to Payee preference and their financial institution's capabilities. If a Payee selects a real time payment (RTP) transfer method but their financial institution does not support RTP technology, Everyware will revert to a same-day ACH payment approach. Payees are notified by text message when their payouts settle.

Reason Codes

Coded reasons for when an Instant Payout is unsuccessful are provided as described below.

Customization & Branding 

Want to customize your payout links with your business logo? 

 See Article: Add your Company Logo to your Invoices | Help Center (

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