Sending Text Messages

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Sending Text Messages

*Note: you must have the contact added as a contact in Everyware before you can send them a message. 


Step-by-Step Guide


  1. Navigate to the View Messages page

2. Search for the contact you want to text in the top left search bar inside the left hand column

3. Click on the name and the message exchange with the contact will appear in the middle column

4. Enter the message & hit the send arrow 

Your message exchange with the contact will show in the middle column & will now appear alongside all other open conversations in the View Messages page. 


Chat Window:

Middle column shows the conversation with the customer you currently have selected from the Left column



Closed: see conversations staff have closed out (hidden away for now)

My Messages: See only conversations held by the staff person currently logged in (you)

All:  See every conversation; yours, closed convos, and current convos

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