Text to Give Best Practices

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Text to Give Best Practices

Marketing Your Text To Give Mobile Number

Step 1 - Promote

Market your organization's new 10-digit mobile number on your website, in social media posts, mention at Board Meetings, highlight in print media, marketing & advertising campaigns, etc.

Step 2 - Welcome

Kick-off the new number by sending a Welcome text message, introducing your new mobile number to your full list of supporters and volunteers.

Step 3 - Pre-Event Campaigns

  • Text announcements to promote upcoming events alongside your mail and email invitations.
  • Send a reminder text closer to event date.
  • Be certain to allow enough time in between full outbound texting load and the Live Event start time.

Soliciting Donations with Text To Give

Virtual and Live Events

Promote Text To Give 10-digit mobile number and Keyword throughout the event. Incorporate mentions by hosts, footer message on live video feed, pop-ups, etc. A short pause after a fund-the-need presentation (with your Text To Give number on screen) is also very effective.

Pledge Events

Text To Give automations will help your organization transition Pledges to Donations, paid more timely and efficiently. Our client success team will help craft messaging to support your goal of quicker collections.

Text Solicitations

Outbound solicitations by text are not recommended without preempting the donor base with advanced marketing. Specific fund-the-need opportunity should be included in the message. 


DisclaimerEveryware's Text To Give platform is built within the framework of 10-digit SMS texting and adheres to certain SMS regulations, restrictions and limitations established by mobile carriers and technology partners.

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